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      Name: Jack
      Tel: +86 573 82643003
      Fax: +86 573 83384020
      Mobile: +86 15990307755
      E-mail: info@zurihardware.com
      E-mail: zuri.jack@hotmail.com
      Add: ZheJiang Province, China
      Skype: live:zuri.jack
      QQ: 2927310145
      Skype: live:zuri.jack QQ: 2927310145 info@zurihardware.com zuri.jack@hotmail.com

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      Zuri Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Roofing Screw products. We provide high quality and compatible Roofing Screw products for different requests and wishes from clients. We are not only offering good Roofing Screw products but also offering Self Drilling Screw, Sandwich Panel Screw, Drywall screw, Self Tapping Screw, Window Screw and others. Our excellent supply of world-class quality and manufacture are based on modern facilities and quality control for Screw products.

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      Skype: live:zuri.jack 2927310145 info@zurihardware.com zuri.jack@hotmail.com